Monday, February 11, 2008

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation Trailer

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation is a Brazilian film directed by Cao Hamburger that should be released in February 2008 in the USA. The working title of this Brazilian movie in Portuguese is "O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias".

Here below the official trailer of The Year My Parents Went on Vacation:

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation

The Plot:
"Set in the turbulent year of 1970, this poignant and humorous coming of age story thrusts twelve year-old Mauro (Michel Joelsas) into a maelstrom of political and personal upheaval. When his left-wing militant parents are forced to go underground, Mauro is left in the care of his Jewish grandfather’s neighbor in Sao Paulo. Suddenly finding himself an exile in his own country, he is forced to create an ersatz family from the religiously diverse and colorful population of his new neighborhood.

Mauro befriends tomboyish, street smart Hanna (Daniela Piepszyk) and develops a crush on Irene (Liliana Castro,) a pretty waitress in a local bar where everyone, including Mauro, an ardent soccer fan, gathers to watch iconic star Pelé in the 1970 World Cup championship which Mauro hopes to watch with his parents if they return to Brazil in time…"

Movies from Brazil are really interesting. I think there is a lot of talent over there. And I hope distributors in Europe and in the USA will be more proactive in promoting Brazilian movies instead of waiting years like they did till now.

An other Brazilian movie I would like to recommend you is City of Men by Fernando Meirelles.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation Clips

Here below some preview clips from The Year My Parents Went On Vacation:

Good for the mind.

Tell The whole truth.

A long time coming

For the World Cup.

I went for a walk.

'The year my parents went in vacation' is a vivid picture of Brazil's middle class during the 1970's.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation Pictures

Here below besides the official poster there are also some pictures from The Year My Parents Went on Vacation, upcoming Brazilian drama movie:
(click on a picture to enlarge it.)

The 1970's: that's not so long ago!